Family Law Payment Options

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Family Law Payment Options

Offering Financial Plans to Help Residents of Ventura County

In Family Law cases like yours, we only charge you for our time spent working on any task related to your case, whether it’s a court appearance, preparing documents, phone calls, emails, etc. We bill in 6-minute increments, which we think is great since most attorneys’ bill in 30-minute minimums, which means if you spend 5 minutes on the phone, they can charge you 30 minutes. We do not do that; we bill in 6-minute increments.

Now, how much time we’re going to spend working on your case is honestly impossible for any ethical attorney to predict. No matter how many years or thousands of these cases we have handled, we can’t predict how much your case is going to cost since we don’t know what is going to happen in the future or how much time we will need to spend on your case. If the parties reach an agreement and we avoid lots of court appearances, and we don’t have additional discovery, then there is less work, less of a cost. But if the parties do not agree, we will have to go to court to defend you, which means more time spent.

So, because we can’t predict that we work off a down payment and monthly payment plan basis.

As far as how much down and the monthly payment plan amount, we genuinely work with your budget. Depending on what you can put as a reasonable down payment affects the amount of the monthly payment plan.

For example:

  • $1000 down/$275 monthly
  • $1500 down/$250 monthly
  • $2000 down/$200 monthly
  • $2500 down/$150 monthly
  • Custom down/custom monthly

The payment plan continues until your balance is paid in full at which time, we stop your payment plan.

Please know that most other law firms who make your deposit non-refundable which means if you pay $2500 down and they only do $1000 worth of work, they are allowed to keep the full $2500. We do not do that. If you have positive money in your account and we resolve your case, we refund any unused money to you.

Hourly Rates:

  • Paralegals $175
  • Attorneys $375

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