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Each parent has an obligation to financially support their child. If parents do not live in the same home, one generally makes child support payments to the other. At Morgan Law Firm, our child support attorneys can help you create an effective payment plan.

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How to Begin a Child Support Case

In both a divorce case and a paternity action, the court will have the power to make child support orders. One of the parties will need to initiate the action by filing a Request for Orders for child support along with an Income and Expense Declaration, setting forth their monthly gross income and expenses. Upon filing, the clerk will set a court hearing date usually about 6 weeks in the future. This Request for Order for Child Support must be served on the other party at least 16 court days prior to the hearing date. The service must be done by a person who is 18 years old or older and not a party to the action. A proof of Service must also be filed with the court. The other party will need to file a Responsive Declaration to the Request for Orders and their Income and Expense Declaration.

At the court date, the judge uses a computer program called a “DissoMaster” to set the Guideline Child Support amount. Using the parties Income and Expense Declarations, this program allows the judge to create a payment plan that is fair for both parties.

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At Morgan Law Firm, our attorneys are more than capable of assisting you in your child support case. We are well-versed in all aspects of California family laws and can help you obtain an outcome that is in your child’s best interests.

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