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A DUI arrest in Ventura County is subject to California criminal law. Therefore, from the moment of arrest, officers should read individuals their Miranda rights, which include the right to remain silent and the right to a DUI attorney in Ventura County, CA.

To avoid the possibility of license suspension, you agreed to a Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS), so test results already potentially serve as evidence against you.

But by exercising your right to counsel and retaining an experienced DUI attorney from Morgan Law Firm serving Ventura County, CA, you are assured of obtaining the benefits of the best possible criminal defense for your DUI case.

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Exercise Your Legal Rights After an Arrest for DUI

The acts of remaining silent and waiting for a chance to call DUI law firms are not equivalent to exercising your Miranda rights. By law, the Ventura County police do not have to stop questioning until you explicitly state that you want to remain silent—and you want all questioning to stop. You must also request to call a DUI lawyer in Ventura County.

If the police in Ventura County or anywhere in California continue questioning you and you answer just one question, your response can legally be interpreted as waiving your Miranda rights. The only statements you should make are to assert your right to remain silent, your desire to stop all questioning, and your right to a Ventura County DUI lawyer.

How Our DUI Attorneys Defend Against Your Charges

When you hire a DUI lawyer from Morgan Law Firm in Ventura County, your criminal defense begins from the moment we arrive at your side. Our Ventura DUI lawyers protect your rights during all questioning by ensuring all questions are within legal guidelines and advising you before you respond. In addition, our lawyers remain with you throughout the legal process to represent you in all hearings, negotiate settlement agreements when appropriate, and conduct our investigations to build your DUI case.

If you are accused of liability under the assumption that your drunk driving caused an accident in Ventura County, you need our help more than ever. Even if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is above the legal limit of 0.08 percent, a collision can just as quickly be caused by another driver who was speeding or distracted. Our Ventura County DUI attorneys know how to fight preconceived notions in these severe DUI cases.

It may seem like the cards are stacked against you when a PAS test already reveals a BAC above the legal limit. Tests based on breathing into a tube are not always considered accurate for many reasons—the equipment is often prone to erroneous results, and the methods used to conduct the test may also become substandard. Refusing to submit to a PAS test is not considered a chemical test refusal because the PAS Breathalyzer is not the official device used for chemical tests after arrest.

Successfully Defending the Legal Rights of Our Clients in Ventura County

At Morgan Law Firm, our criminal defense lawyers are skilled at defending clients involved in all criminal offenses. Additionally, our criminal defense lawyers serving Ventura County offer payment plans to help our DUI clients with the costs of their legal services.

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