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Individuals convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) now have criminal records that can affect their ability to find employment or housing even after they have fully paid all penalties associated with the crime. In many cases, Morgan Law Firm can get your records cleared through a process known as expungement.

Your DUI defense in Ventura should not automatically end at the time of conviction. The DUI lawyers at Morgan Law Firm recognize the importance of ensuring you have a clean record after you have paid your dues to society. We carefully monitor your progress and take the proper legal steps to seek expungement of your records when you become eligible.

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Who Qualifies for an Expungement in California?

A Ventura DUI offender convicted of a felony DUI crime is not eligible for expungement—although they may be able to obtain a Certificate of Rehabilitation or Governor Pardon when a state prison sentence is involved.

However, if no criminal charges are pending, anyone involved in a misdemeanor DUI is typically eligible for expungement in the following situations:

  • Expiration of a probation period
  • A court-approved motion to terminate probation
  • Fulfillment of all DUI penalties, including time in county jail, the payment of fines, and successful participation in any required DUI driving classes or substance abuse programs
  • Proper notice given to the prosecutor and to the probation department if an individual is on formal probation

When can a DUI be Expunged off of your Record?

When subject to DUI arrest in Ventura, you appreciate effective criminal defense. However, if convicted, it may not dawn on you that your criminal defense is still relevant once a prospective employer runs a background check and discovers you have a criminal record.

After expungement, you do not have to disclose your DUI conviction when applying for a job and, for most positions, a background check does not reveal your record.

Seek Help from an Experienced Defense Team

At Morgan Law Firm, our criminal defense lawyers are experts in defending clients involved in all types of criminal offenses. We understand Ventura DUI laws, so you will be represented by a lawyer who is familiar with the local criminal judges and prosecutors. We also offer payment plans to help our criminal defense clients with the costs of their legal services.

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